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Ads on LeoList are boring, expensive and often ignored

You see other providers launching gorgeous sites and just think to yourself:

I know I'd look just as good–even better–if I had my own website!

It can't be that hard, you think..

So you start digging to find not only is designing your own site harder than it looks, but hella expensive and difficult to navigate.

Sex Work Hostile

Most hosting providers are actively hostile to our work. What's your plan if your site gets taken down?

See this list to learn about more Sex-Work Exclusive Companies you should avoid.

High Monthly Cost

Most turn-key hosting providers cost upward of $25/month for you to do all the work.

We're being taken to the cleaners…

Ugly "Free" Themes

After joining a site like Wix or SquareSpace, you'll find things aren't quite as beautiful as you thought.

There are free themes, but the pretty ones cost extra…

"Big Corporate" support

If it turns out you need help with your hosting provider, my heart goes out to you.

You'll need to contact a corporate cog, wait, and pray they don't terminate your account.

Dozens of hours Fiddling

Buying a website is easy, building one is a whole other story. You could easily spend dozens of hours fiddling..

But fiddle as you may, it just never seems to look like the professionally designed sites you see.

You don't have time for this.

What you really want is to send someone your ads, photos & ideas then hand you a finished website a week later.

A website that…

Are you ready to save time & elevate your brand?

Ideally you and I have a few things in common. You identify as a marginalized sex worker, and work primarily as a full-service "listing board" provider. You're new to the industry, but not brand new; you see clients, but you could really use more of them.

"Yes, that's me!"

Great! If this sounds like you, then you're ready for Ophi to escort your career to the next level.

All you need to provide to launch your website within 7 days is:


12+ Photos

An Ad


Deposit $250 to start, pay the rest to launch your site!

Wait, who's Ophi?

Meet Ophi

You may be wondering how it is I can do all of this or how you've never heard of me?

I'll be honest, I'm a 30-something trans sex worker struggling to find my place in the world. I have big dreams to produce affirming queer porn, but life, health & COVID-19 have gotten the better of me this last year.

For all that the universe has thrown at me, I recognize I occupy a privileged position having enjoyed a decades-long career as an apparently straight/cis man, software consultant, designer, entrepreneur and twice-published author.

I failed to find purpose in that life and body, but after these last few years I've found great fulfillment turning the remnants of my fading privilege back on a system that cares little if we live or die.

Case Study: Making Tea

I'd like you to meet Piper, a sex worker whom I had the pleasure of working with during my time in Toronto.

When Piper came to me, she was listing on local boards with spicy content and a collection of beautiful photographs that captured her style perfectly.

She's been in the business as a touring provider for a while, but Ontario's third-wave reducing bookings and a rising tide of time-wasters had been causing her a lot of stress.

Everyone Piper knew was practically screaming to get a website, but it felt like such a distant goal.

That's when I told Piper I was really good at building websites. I showed her my site:, and she realized it was now within her means to launch a website inside a week!

Off to the Races

"Tell me about the things you love!"

After Piper made her deposit, we immediately starting jamming on ideas.

My first step was understanding Piper's work and brand. What kind of work did she do? What kind of clients saw her? And most importantly, "tell me about the things you love!"

Piper's brand

Turns out Piper's brand is all about Strawberry Honey Tea, and in less than the time it takes to enjoy a cup of tea, we decided on:

Inspiration Palette
Piper's Palette
  • A Domain –
  • An earthy feel with fruity accents
  • Which parts of her Piper's ads to include
  • Strong traditional headers paired with an easy-to-read font

Time to Steep

With this input, I had everything I needed to actually get to making tea. I let the ideas rest a few days in my head, then a few hours later the tea was made!

Say hello to!

How does Piper like it?

Once the site was live on my staging environment, I let Piper take a taste. She was overjoyed!

Having Ophi build my website was a great decision! I have no regrets as the website has turned out lovely, and working with Ophi was very nice.

Piper H. Tea

Since the site was so close to ready, it only took a few messages to finish the site. Piper made her final payment and her site was live less than a week after we started.

Now, whenever Piper needs to update her tour dates, rates or make other corrections, she can just drop me a line. And in the event Piper's website is ever taken down, we can relaunch it elsewhere in just a few hours!

Take that system!

What's it cost to keep it up?

Once your site is live, I offer a few options for maintaining and growing your site.

  • Hosting & Weekly Email-based Updates $20/month
  • Hosting plus On Demand Updates w/in 24 Hours $100/month+
  • Needed your website yesterday? Get two-day rush service. Add $500
  • Add a new page, rebrand or major work $200/page and up

As I am a new business, I am offering my first four customers per month: 1-year free '.com' domain registration, $100 off your site and featured placement in a forthcoming gallery of my work.

Be a part of my journey?

I've been scheming and dreaming at building a trans + queer porn production in Canada since I got my vagina. After a rocky restart in Toronto, however, I've come to realize I've got a lot of work to do building a stable base. I'd love to be working on or behind the camera, but the most reasonable thing for me to do right now is rebuild and do what I do best.

By purchasing a website you're nor only helping yourself, but directly supporting a homeless, transgender sex worker rebuild their lives, pick up the pieces, and hopefully get her ass into more stable lodgings.

Not a Sex Worker – Help Two Birds with One Stone

Whether you're a community organization, SW ally or even one of our clients, you can help not just one, but two marginalized sex workers by making a donation today.

For every $600 raised, I'm able to provide one free website and six months of hosting to another provider.

Maybe it's time to treat your favourite client with something extra special to show them you care?

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Want to help lots of sex workers?

I am currently seeking collaborators & backers to provide multiple free websites to the community every month. Please contact me directly at to inquire.

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