About Ophi Rocks
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The Many Ecelectic Interests of Ophi

Outside of work I am a passionate artist, gamer, reader, musician and all-around speed-demon.

I also really like porn…

Arts & Crafts

Not only am I a digital artist, but a woodworker, craftsperson & sewist.


Check out that log, I cleaved it (cleft?) that by hand!


Video games, board games, pen-and-paper, you name it!


Guaranteed I can kick your butt at Tetris, even when you're in mine.

My Reading List

Here's what's on my nightstand apart from sex toys.

  • Thriving in Sex Work
  • Affinity Designer Workbook
  • Dune

There's nothing I love more than spinning or going fast.


I enjoy mountain biking because its like boxing with a forest.

I enjoy skateboarding because it takes all my worry away.

And I enjoy Roller Derby because I enjoy colliding with people at high speeds.


I love listening to music of every genre. My favourites are electro swing and musicals, but I have a real soft spot for pop music–I absolutely adore Halsey and Miley Cyrus.

Best album of all time?

Favourite Pornstars

OK… so I made a list at one point, but it is wayyyy to long to publish, so I'm going to give you my top three favourite pornstars:

  1. Anna-Bell Peaks
  2. Angela White
  3. Abella Danger

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